11/18/10 National Opt Out Day is Nov. 24th 2010
Visit wewontfly.com for more info

12/01/09 - Well, I finally weaned myself off FrontPage and the server extensions. I am now using Expressions Web and so far I like it.

04/06/09 - I've been maintaining my positive outlook for the future even while continuing to struggle with some familiar personal issues. I've realized that most of the "bad things" I experience are those which I have brought upon myself. Yet, all in all, I have never been happier than I am right now.

02/09/09 - A sudden burst of creativity and energy.
Light appears and breaks through the dark selva of my life. A clearing appears then in the dark wood and a voice from within and without the universe seems to say, "Here in this space Be! Let Being and Civility arise from here to the light all the wood and all the world.

Thank you St. Jude. See entry for 1/23/09 for reference.

02/09/09 - Add personality to everything. Work!

02/08/09 - It was a lazy and pleasant Sunday.
01/25/09 - I waited for someone today.
01/24/09 - Doors are opening onto new vistas.
01/23/09 - It's a rainy day, which is a nice change of pace for us Southern Californians.

I observe myself at a crossroads standing in a wood, una selva oscura as Dante said. Many paths lie before me, but I am loathe to undertake any of them, wanting to undertake them all. If only I knew that there were rabbit trail type shortcuts in between them or that eventually they would all merge and come out in the same place, a sunny clearing, a Happy Valley of my imagination, then I could proceed. St. Jude patron of impossible cases, of which I am one, pray for me.

12/31/08 - I'm back in sunny California. There are several people I need to put myself back in contact with, but I will do that after the New Year.

12/20/08 - Shoveling snow and California Dreamin'.

12/16/08 - I'd like to wish everyone who visits this site a Merry Christmas and/or a Happy Chanukah
depending upon your custom.

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