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Since January 1995, I have been paying for this web site without one cent of remuneration.
Until now, this site has had no ads and has been offered free of charge.
However, it does get expensive for me.

On February 24, 2009 I decided to become an Amazon Associate. I have now placed product and Amazon banners on the site.
In addition, I have installed an Amazon Associates E-Store ("AStore" they call it) so that viewers can buy a variety of products through this site. You can support this site and the work I do by shopping at and purchasing products through this AStore.

If you don't want to buy things, I still need donations.
If you like the work I do on and my other sites, then please consider making a donation so that I may continue my work.

This is my Amazon Wish List.
If my site or multimedia work on YouTube or another site has blessed you, then please consider blessing me
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