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Welcome to the CdD Media Room
Visit this page to find Dino's multimedia creations.


I've created a new site for my multimedia work:
Now playing there in super high quality flash or HD mp4 video is the Winter Playlist which includes
"SNAV and other Ships in the Port of Capri,"  the Winter Drives series, and many others.
It is part of a long playlist of  my videos in high quality which simulates watching television. I've already made well over 300 videos, posted over 200, and am planning on making more, on upping the production values, and on making more formal narrative-structured movies in addition to documentary and mood pieces. I now record my videos in Full HD, i.e. 1080p with a 3Mos Panasonic. This means fantastic, Full HD quality, highly  expressive videos. I  love the saturation, wide palette, and superb contrast ratio of the Panasonic video.


Channels, Videos, and Playlists

YouTube Channels

CdD TV on YT

DC's Ron Paul

VPN Americas YouTube site "veracepizza"

Above are some of my YouTube channels.
Go there
- especially to cardone7 - to see my work.

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