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Programming the Apocalypse: Recombinant Narrative in CyberspaceMy Ph.D. Dissertation
Programming the Apocalypse:
Recombinant Narrative in Cyberspace




"RonPaulTube" Revolutions in Media, Discourse, and Politics

The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution
The Bill of Rights

Posters of Chairman Obama



Digital Revolutions:  A New Media Manifesto
(in progress)
Digital Democracy
This book is just an idea at this point. It will explore such themes as the democratization of knowledge, novel epistemes, and emergent epistemologies engendered  by the advent of digital communications technologies. It will demonstrate the consequent epistemological crises epistemological novelties in their turn engender. It will seek to elucidate the inherent potentialities of, challenges posed to, and implications for the future polis, the emergent world of post-digital politics and government and will argue that we are presently in a period of epistemological foment, recombination, and emergent epistemological novelty. 



America! America! God Once Shed His Grace on Thee





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